Il libro possibile special – english edition with international guests and only english talks 18th july – Vieste

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  • domenica, 16 luglio 2023

The second part of “Il Libro Possibile 2023” will be marked by an absolute highlight: the opening event will be held entirely in English. The book festival will take place from July 18th to 22nd in Vieste, which for three years has been an exceptional stage for the book festival, alongside the traditional venue in Polignano a Mare. 

On July 18th, the “Pearl of Gargano” will serve as a backdrop for a new chapter of the festival directed by Rosella Santoro: “Il Libro Possibile Special – English Edition” will be the unique opening event of the festival, with gatherings in English featuring international guests. This novel initiative, developed by Il Libro Possibile in cooperation with the local territory, aims to broaden the horizons of the festival presided over by Gianluca Loliva, so as to include the many foreign tourists who flock to the Gargano coast during the summer, making it one of the top destinations in Puglia for international visitors.
The line-up of #iLPspecial (in their running order) will be: Donald Sassoon, Kristinn Hrafnsson and Stefania Maurizi, Nick Rosa, Paolo Taticchi. “Il Libro Possibile Special” will be moderated by Giuseppe Stigliano, Global CEO of Spring Studios, entrepreneur, manager, and lecturer in various international universities and business schools.
The evening will feature four debates revolving around the topics of information, rights, innovation and sustainability, all set to the rhythm of 'Penso Positivo,' the theme song and spirit that pays tribute to Jovanotti's pop anthem of hope, released 30 years ago. The goal of the festival is to promote public debate on rights, legality and our future, while fostering a tone of confidence and constructiveness.
Kicking off the events on July 18th is Donald Sassoon, one of the most authoritative contemporary historians, British writer and essayist, who will deliver a lecture on “Globalization of Capitalism.” His speech will focus on the origin and evolution of modern capitalism, as well as the anxiety it brings to human beings. The author will shed new light on economic, political and social issues of the recent past, while offering a fresh perspective to rigorously interpret the present. His latest book has been translated into Italian by Garzanti with the title “Il trionfo ansioso. Storia globale del capitalismo 1860-1914” (The Anxious Triumph: A Global History of Capitalism 1860-1914).
In the following event called “Secret Power,” the right to freedom of expression and information will be the main topic of discussion with Kristinn Hrafnsson, director of WikiLeaks who succeeded Julian Assange in September 2018, and Italian journalist Stefania Maurizi, who has collaborated with WikiLeaks since 2009 with regard to the publication of all secret documents.

During the International Peace Conference held in Assisi in May, Kristinn Hrafnsson publicly expressed his disappointment with Western democracies and mainstream media, which he described as "complicit in covering up horrific crimes during wars and lacking critical spirit, especially when it comes to the United States." Stefania Maurizi echoes his sentiments, as the author of the award-winning book translated into multiple languages: “Secret Power: Wikileaks and Its Enemies,” with a preface by Ken Loach (Chiarelettere).
The legal action against Julian Assange remains the most sensational case in our time where freedom of information is on trial, thus posing an unprecedented threat to the right to know the truth about governments' policies regarding wars, torture, and extrajudicial killings.
What does our future look like through the lens of virtual reality headsets? What are the possible scenarios for the Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence in the coming decades? At #iLP23Special, Nick Rosa, top manager leading the Metaverse strategy in Europe for multinational Accenture, will cover these questions and present his book “Understanding the Metaverse: A Business and Ethical Guide,” published by John Wiley & Sons. "The Metaverse," writes the author, "is the infrastructure that will replace the Internet, where we consume information in a three-dimensional manner, carrying our digital identity with us." It is an immersive virtual space with enormous possibilities that, for now at least, has had a disappointing real impact on the balance sheets of Zuckerberg's company, the main investor with META in the digital clone of the physical world.
“The sustainable lightness of the future - The bearable lightness of future” is the title of the meeting with Paolo Taticchi, Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at University College London, Vice-Director of the UCL School of Management in London, and Knight of the Italian Republic. As one of the leading scholars in environmental, economic, and social sustainability for companies, Taticchi will outline possible future scenarios in the field of low-impact innovation.
All #iLPSpecial talks are interspersed with musical moments by Taranto's singer and actor, Graziano Galatone and musician Vittorio Barbaro.
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